Sunday, June 27, 2004


Thank you so much for reading my journal, and being so kind to me.  It really does matter to have people actually care about you under these circumstances.  And for me, it is a pleasure to share ny life with you.  As Sharon Osbourne always says, "my life is an opened book.  We hold no secrets."....And I have to add..."I am what I am, and that is just what it is, like it or not!"....I would especially like to thank the following, for their comments, e-mails, and even IM's....Gretchen, thank you over and over for your kind words...and yes, I have been reading Edgar Cayce...I had bought 6 books of his in the past, and now I am re-reading them again!....Bill and Libby, my NJ/LAS VEGAS friends......SDROGERSON in Scotland, I'm so happy about your comment...that the entry was inspirational. You are a very learned , and well-read man,  and a comment like that just was too much for me!...Susan, aka...Dakota are a true friend! are really one of my favorite people, and I feel your strength behind me....and Dalwestern...thank you so much, and I love the pix of your horses!

Well, I just got finished talking to Jimmy a few minutes ago..our last call before bedtime....We are so excited, and Jimmy sounds so happy on the phone.  It is like a big weight has been lifted from our shoulders!...We discussed how in going to the rehab center, he is in fact getting out of the prison system, per say.  The place he is going to is just that...a rehab place, mainly for drug addicts and alcoholics.  There will be people there that have not come from prison, but are there for rehabilatation.  I looked it up, and the place has plenty of programs geared for family, etc...lots of recovering groups, and social events...lots of support groups.  Well, Jimmy is not addicted in any such way, but this is a stepping stone for him.  He feels he will get through there fast...after 35 days, as they are not looking for rehabilation from drugs/alcohol from him.  Once there, he will not be called an inmate or prisoner anymore.  In reality, I will no longer be a "prisoner's wife."  He will wear his own clothes.  He can have his razor, wristwatch.  He will no longer wear his "STATE NUMBER" on his clothes.  Right now, Jimmy is a number!..When I write to him, I must put his numbers on the envelope.  ..........So that is the exciting part for us....he will no longer be considered an inmate!......He thinks he may get out of there after the holiday.  They transport them on Thursdays, and he'll be notified the previous Monday or Tuesday.

So I've been busy here getting his stuff together!  He sent me a list of things to go with him to the rehab center.  Next week, I'll go shopping for a long list of toiletries, eg toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant, after- shave lotion.   He also needs 2 towels.  I will go buy him sneakers...size 10 1/2 eee  (my gosh!  I'm only 6 1/2 b).  He has given me a list of his clothes...pants and shirts.. We will have phone cards to use.  After about 8 days, I should be able to go see him.  In fact, this place encourages family visits, as family is the most important thing in a persons rehabilatation process.....So that's about it!  I have his list on the table here, along with a small tote bag, which I started filling up with the items he requested!...........Hope life is treating everyone well!  Good-nite and sweet dreams!................Fran


adlessor said...

I can't tell you how happy I am for you guys.   It's like seeing the end of a long dreary road.  Starting sing "Happy Days Are Here Again".  Catch you later.  Oh thanks for saying such nice things about me, I just loved it! LOL                       Dawn

dakotarose2852 said...

Hi Fran!  Thanks for the nice words about me.  Most importantly, I'm so happy this long ordeal is finally winding down for you and for Jimmie too.  It's been a long, rough journey for you, but you have persevered and you will be well rewarded.  You know, you must keep writing, though.  There will be all new chapters for you to write.

sdrogerson said...

Good progress!!
Pleased for you both!