Saturday, July 3, 2004


I'm so excited!...So many wonderful things have been happening!   My birthday was July 1st, and I got the best news that day...Jimmy will be going to the evaluation center on Tuesday or Thursday, of this upcoming week.  So today, I will happily go to the store and get his toilitres.  Then later today I will get his clothes and shoes out of the closet.  I will call Larry, his friend, and tell him to come here and pick his stuff gosh!  I can't believe this is happening!.......I have stopped sending him any mail, as he will be leaving.  I have the road directions.  He may not go to Trenton, but I think they changed their mind and he will go to Kearney, New Jersey.

I have never been an idle person in life, so now I have a small job I do at home on computer and phone.  I work around 4-8 hours/day....but can do as much as I like.  I like doing something...being is keeping me busy.

I still am writing and sending things out for publication.  My Aunt Jo, whose husband died around 3 months ago, has become inspired by my writing.  She calls me almost everyday, and she can't believe how much writing I do for publication.  So now, she has written 3 short essays....inspired by me!....One is "Loneliness,"  "What is Happiness?"...and a third is about the 2 wonderful husbands she had.  I will type them up for her and send them to newspapers/magazines for publication.  The writing is taking her out of the depression she has upon being a recent widow again.  Yes, it is true, writing is good therapy, and I encourage her, and we talk for long hours about it.

On my birthday, Jimmy called me every 2 hours!  He sang happy birthday many times.  I got birthday wishes from around 8 inmates, and even some officers!  One female officer yelled at him for doing this crime, when he has such a nice wife!

Also on my birthday, I got a surprise card, gift and phone call from my other sister, whom hasn't spoken to me in about 1 year.  We talked happily together, as if nothing happened.  She wanted to congratulate me about my publications...and she said she is proud to be the sister of a published author!........Can you imagine!.....LOL. Well I guess it's taken becoming a famous writer for my own sister to begin talking to me!...LOL

Well, I'll say bye for now.  I have to go out and's such a beautiful day...yesterday I did 1 mile.....

Hope you all keep reading my journal!  Hang in has it's ups and downs....and when you are on an "up", life isn't really bad at all!...............................Fran


adlessor said...

And I'm so excited for  you Fran.  What a great birthday present for you.   You have had a week to remember between Jimmy's news and renewing your friendship with your sister.    We are going on a cruise tomorrow, but Ill catch up with you when we get back next week..

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the
moments that take our breath away.                          Dawn

grettysk said...

I just can't tell you how happy I am for you, sweetie.  You both deserve the best!  Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! (a little late)  This IS INDEED one of the best gifts you could get, huh?!  With love and continued prayers, Gretchen xo

crystalmoon222 said...

thank you GRETCHEN and DAWN.....That is all i can say at this time...i feel a little light-headed , !  I'M SILENT AT THIS TIME, as Jimmy is transported to Talbot Center, OUT OF PRISON.