Friday, July 9, 2004


In the past few days, my life has entirely changed!.....For the better , that is!  Jimmy is finally in the Rehab-evaluation center.  He is no longer a prisoner, although he is part of the system.  On Tuesday morning at 4am, the prison took him to the center.  They woke him and took him, along with others at 3:30 am.  They transported him in a bus, and later changed to a van.  The trip took around 7 hours, for a trip that should have taken around 3 hours.  They stopped at different institutions along the way, leaving inmates off.  Upon arriving at the center, Jimmy went through an all day orientation program.  What a blessing this new place is!  Jimmy was just happy to be in an air-conditioned place and take a nice shower.  The farm where he was , was dirty and non-air was humid..very terrible.  And so, my baby is settled there.  Everyday he attends programs most of the day.  He shares a room with 8 others.  He even has a phone in the room.  It is a spiritual place.  It is a place of "cleansing" oneself out.  Those rehab places are beautiful...they are reform your way of thinking.  You purge your soul, and are made to believe you are not a bad person.  You are surrounded by counselors that help you, because they were once in your shoes.  Jimmy's section is called "harmony."  The other 2 sections are Serenity and Tranquility.  It's strange, because for the past couple of months I keep saying 3 words that will keep me on track.......PEACE, BALANCE, AND HARMONY.  And now, Jimmy is in Harmony.  Jimmy sounds peaceful and happy.  He is meeting some nice people.  The other night, he attended a program with speakers who had reformed...these people were very good people...doctors, lawyers, etc.  And now Jimmy has joined that committee...for guest speakers........I may see Jimmy on Monday.  His friend Larry will come to my house and pick up his clothes and toiletries.  I may go along.  It will be a little emotional, as I can only see him.....not talk, behind the glass window.  I will go, though.  Then, next Saturday, 7/17, I can go visit him, and touch him.  The visits are 7 hour visits.  We will bring food.  I am so excited!!!!!!..........i'LL TELL YOU MORE LATER!........FRAN


dakotarose2852 said...

This is GREAT news Fran!!  I'm happy for both you and Jimmy.

janothy said...


I found your journal through Erin's.  Just thought I'd drop in and say hi!  I'm so glad he isfinally out of prison.  Sounds like the place he is in is wonderful.  I wish you both the best of luck!

Feel free to stop by my journal anytime!


crystalmoon222 said...

Thanks Jan AND Susan for your great comments!...Jan, I was just looking at your profile, and you have a beautiful daughter!........i LOVE THE FAIRIES AND UNICORN, AND i KNOW DAKOTA ROSE WILL LOVE THEM TOO!...I see you are a nursing student...that's great...the world needs lots of nurses!...i have been a registered nurse for 31 years.  I have a MASTER'S dEGREE IN EXECUTIVE NURSING, from Columbia University, New York.  Had to retire in 2002, as I lost my eyesight, with various other disabilities (difficulty walking and moving).  sooooooo, now I enjoy doing a little free-lance writing at home.  Thanks for reading my journal.  I started it 12/31/03.  It was New Year's Eve...I was so depressed.  My husband suggested I check out the Blogs, and from there I started writing my journal..You can almost say, it saved my life...For me to tell everyone what was going on in my life.  I met wonderful people, like DAKOTA ROSE, who pulled me through it all!........I just love the people out there in J-LAND!.........FRAN

swebb1989 said...

Hey Fran I love this journal and I have added it to my favs but I have a pressing question what was Jimmy convicted of??