Sunday, July 11, 2004

Very Excited...the night before..


Hi Everyone!

I guess you can see I'm real excited....getting more excited by the minute.  In about 1/2 hour, I'll put myself to bed, and try to calm my thoughts, and drift off to sleep.  Tomorrow, monday, larry will pick me up at 12:30, and whisk me away to see Jimmy, in North Jersey...exit 15 e, on the Turnpike!  We decided I would go along with Larry, as he brings Jimmy his clothes.  Even though we will only look at each other behind a glass phones, no way to talk....(you can shout to each other if you want to).  I just spoke to Jimmy a little while ago.  He is excited, but we are trying to remain calm.  He knows I can get quite emotional, but I've decided not to cry in front of him. However, I am bringing along in my purse 2 large linen handkerchiefs I bought in India....Lol....they are much better and stronger to cry into, than kleenex!...The trip up north is around 1 1/2 hours from here.

I've been dancing all day, and for the past few days.  I just like moving to the beat of the music.  I walked 2 miles today, wearing my walk-man, and I dance in the street as I walk....I know people think I'm nuts, but so what!....Jimmy says people are happy to see a happy girl like me walking and dancing around!  And it's true!..People pass me and say, "Gee, You're so happy!"...Today I even sang , as I sat on the park bench!   In the 15 months Jimmy has been away  , music has become my friend....and that is the one thing no one, u no one can take away from me.  And I suggest to anyone under a lot of stress, become one with the music....move with the music...forget about everyone and evrything around you....close your eyes and just move with the won't regret it!

Gretchen....I lost 11 lbs this past week....can you believe it!......I don't know what seemed to just melt off....So it's a total of 75 lbs lost since March 28, 2003, when Jimmy left for the jail....I feel great!....Thinner is better for me, although I still have a good 40 more lbs to go.  Jimmy doesn't want me real skinny....he likes meat on me....WHAT A MAN!  It's a dream come true to have a husband who doesn't want his woman real thin!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments.  Dawn, you muist have had  great time on the cruise.  Gretchan, I'll keep you posted on the visits...Jan, thanx for your kind words!...Sdrogerson, thanx for checking up on me!  Probably tomorrow nite, I'll catch up on my journal reading...sorry, I've been lagging behimd....I need to go to bed after this, to get rested for tomorrow.

I went to Walmart today.  I bought Jimmy a new Walkman, as his broke in prison.  He mainly listens to AM radio talk shows.  I bought myself another Barbie doll ( i have around 100 barbie's).  As soon as I told Jimmy, he was so happy.  He knows I won't buy one, unless I feel happy.  He has been begging me for months to buy one, and I just wouldn't............but today, in Walmart, it just struck me!...suddenly, I couldn't resist!  I found the most beautiful doll....a FAIRY BARBIE DOLL...She has purple long curly hair, with sparkles,. a skirt made like a flower...wings of purple with glitter....purple stocking with sparkles, and a top with sparkles...just beautiful!....a cute little 10-year old girl was standing there, gazing at the dolls, mesmerized by them.  And we talked about the Barbie was kind of amazed by me!   A grown woman, with such a large collection!  She was so sweet.  She was from Russia.  She liked the "wonder woman" doll.  So there we stood and gazed at the dolls together...a moment caught in we were transfixed into the magical world of Barbie's.  I'd like to thank God for those few moments with that sweet little girl...I don't know, she just might have been ana Angel, herself. Now, I will read to you what is on the box:


 ...................SPARKLE FAIRY....................

    If you're pure of heart,

kind in spirit, and truly believe

in your wildest dreams,

you will find your way your wayto the faraway

world of "Fairytopia.

   There you'll find all the magical creatures of

your fantasies.

        What are you waiting for?

         Journey to Fairytopia....

(and so tomorrow, I will bring Barbie along with me to see Jimmy.  She will travel in my tote bag.  But, Jimmy has requested to see Barbie.  So, at the "glass window, " as we gaze at each other, seeing the love deep in our eyes...Jimmy has requested I take Barbie out f the tote bag, and hold her up, for all to see....let her fly through the air, wioth her wings flapping............a beautiful fairy will have visited the rehab place....she will brighten up the place, and my husband, too.  I know the prison guards will look at me oddly...........but I don't care.....that's me!...Jimmy and I..Two of a kind!.........AND ALL THE STRESS OF 15 MONTHS WILL DISAPPEAR, AS FAIRY DUST IS SPRINKLED ALL AROUND!................I'll keep you posted!...........lOVE , FrAN



janothy said...

Oh Fran!!  I'm so happy and excited for you!!  You do truly sound happy!  Who cares if you can't talk to each other, or touch?  Just looking into each other's eyes will tell each of you everything you need to know.  Of course mouthing the words "I LOVE YOU" would be great too!!

Have a wonderful time!!  I'll be thinking about you tomorrow!


adlessor said...

Fran,  Where are you?    How was your day Monday?    Give us the scoop.   Hope it was great.              Dawn

dakotarose2852 said...

Fran, I love your Fairy Barbie.  I must look for one.  I guess you're still on Cloud Nine, from seeing Jimmy.  Did you say he's in Kearny?  I've been to Kearny.  They have great Scottish stores and restaurants there.  When I go, I usually go south on Route 17.  Anyway, can't wait to hear all about your "sighting."