Tuesday, July 6, 2004


Well, the moment has finally arrived.  It is 3 am, now.  In about 1 hour....4 am....Jimmy will be woken up and taken to the TALBOT CENTER.....Rehab place.  Yes, the prison transports the prisoner around 4am.  We had our last phone call at 8 pm, and we are both excited.  I will be seeing him next Saturday....yes, very soon.  Sooner than we thought.   I feel quiet inside of me, right now.  There is a certain peace about me.  I feel so sorry that all of this has happened to my husband, who is such a good man.  I beg God's forgiveness for whatever we both did wrong in life to deserve this.   Last evening, Prince and I sat outside, under the moon and stars.  It was a magical and mystical experience.  It was as if all the angels up above were singing and rejoicing.  It was quiet and peaceful, except for the cricketts.  Prince loves sitting outside with me at that time of night.  It calms him down, and he can sleep better at night.

I just looked up "talbot".  He is a saint in the Catholic Church.  His name is ST. MATT TALBOT, aka  VENERABLE MATT TALBOT.  (1856-1925)   His feast day is June 19.  He was an alcoholic, who reformed.  There is a quote he wrote, on his web-page. It reads, ........."GOD CONSOLE THEE, AND MAKE THEE A SAINT.  TO ARRIVE AT THE PERFECTION OF HUMILITY FOUR THINGS ARE NECESSARY:  TO DESPISE THE WORLD, TO DESPISE NO ONE, TO DESPISE SELF, TO DESPISE BEING DESPISED BY OTHERS."


clicksterzz said...

Matt Talbot is NOT a saint, hence the title "Venerable Matt Talbot". This means that he is on the bottom rung of the ladder to sainthood. From: http://www.matt-talbot.com/canonise.htm  -

The Making of a Saint

Matt Talbot was declared Venerable in 1973 which means that the church has decided that from a human point of view, he has the qualifications of a Saint. However a physical miracle is required to show Gods Approval of this judgement before he will be Beatified and another Miracle after that, before he will be canonised.

tulipjrj said...

Talbot is at the bottom of the Saint chain; however, this is a wonderful place to be.  The title of Venerable means that he is noted to be a servent of God on Earth.  Here are some wonderful links for you to look at about Ven. Matt Talbot.  After asking for Matt's intersession for Jimmy make note of any successes.  Those can be used in helping Canonizing Ven. Matt, which means making him a noted Saint.




God Bless!