Friday, June 11, 2004

Nancy and Ronnie

At this moment, Nancy is flying with President Regan's body back to the beautiful west coast...the home he loved...California, have a burial as the sun sets over the Pacific ocean.  Today is a bright, sunny , warm day in California , and here on the east coast it is a rainy, cool, moist day...actually, it is a good day for a funeral...a day that just makes you want to cry.  As I watched the pitter patter of the raindrops fall on the rooftops of cars, on t.v., it reminded me of the teardrops of our nation, as we mourn for President Regan and his family.  Watching the funeral on t.v. was quite an experience, as I joined our nation.  To listen to the wonderful speeches, and yes, I listened to their every word....Margaret Thatcher, President Bush, and the former President Bush.  But for me, Nancy, along with her husband, Ronnie, was the hero.  She strongly stood by her man in life, sickness, in great times, in sad times, and yes, in death she was there,,,and now beyond death into eternity........Their's was a true "Love Story."....She is the hero.  She "loved her man,"...and still does..........can we really say that about many marriages in our society?......I doubt it.  In a country where our divorce rate is 50%......what has happened to love and devotion in our country?..........So, I'd like to say, she is my mentor....the woman I look up to.  "STAND BY YOUR MAN.".......Need I say more?  If you love your man, stand by him at all with-holds all things....the good, the bad, the ugly..........And yes, to me, Nancy is an icon.  Throughout the funeral, she shed not a tear.  Her face sturdy, but weakened as the day progressed...she did it all for Ronnie.  He was by her every step of the way...and she knew it......Their's was a "fairy-tale life."......From the glamor of Hollywood and stardom, to the dignity of being President and First-Lady, they had it all!........But most of all, they had a tremendous love for each other, and devotion.  Let us learn a lesson from them.  It is ok to "love' and "be loved.".................So, together, my prison wives and loved ones, we continue to love our man.......And so be it.


grettysk said...

Well put, my friend.  And I just want to thank God for giving me such a gift through my own husband.  May I live up to the legacy that President and Mrs. Reagan have left in this world....unconditional, dedicated, unshakable, undying love.  The greatest is love.  Even God says so. :)  Above ALL else.

elgeiselman said...

I'm happy that your husband will get to go to the half-way house.  Your perserverance and love is inspirational.  I pray you will remain strong.

crystalmoon222 said...

Dear Gretchen,  Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment.  Jimmy and I are so happy to hear when people are in love, because, we know they feel as we do, and it is a beautiful feeling!...Also, it is admirable to be devoted to each other in this day and age!...FRAN
Dear Erin,  Thank you so much for reading my journal, and leaving such a beautiful comment! You really made my day by saying our love is inspirational....thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I read your profile and see that you area nursing student, and will graduate this year.  I have been an RN for 31 years, but am not currently working.  That is wonderful that you are studying to be a nurse!  My husband is always so happy that I am a nurse, and he never lets me forget it!  During Nurses Week, he even wrote a tribute to me in the local newspaper, along with my pix! (done from the prison).  Well good luck, and lt me know how you're doing!....Fran