Sunday, June 20, 2004

Soon to leave prison

We're  so happy!  Jimmy got the offiicial letter that he'll be leaving prison soon....most likely in the next 2 weeks!  He will go to a rehab place for a month or so.  I will be able to see him there...for long visits.  He will be wearing his own more orange or khaki prison garb. He will have his own wristwatch and not the plastic one he wears in prison.  He will have his own razor.  It will be air-conditioned.  The prison he is in is not air-conditioned and is hot as anything...personally to me that is inhumane to have hundreds of sweaty men in a prison, hot and humid...I just don't know how they all do it..........We've been talking on the phone, walking on air.  After all , we haven't seen each other since last August...that's 11 months ago....a long time...............Well, I'll cut this short tonite.  I have poisen ivy on both legs.  I think I caught it from my dog, Prince.  They say you can catch it from a dog 's fur, but the dog doesn't have rash. I walk him in a field, and I thought I saw poisen ivy.  They also say it can be caught, if you think it's there, don't go anywhere near the place.  They also say to wash the skin, which I do with my shower spray often....The blisters are dryining out, but the legs are still I'm applying calamine lotion, and taking that's why I'm a litle tired!.....So good-nite and sweet dreams!...............Fran


grettysk said...

OH FRAN!!!! I'm so happy for you both.  That is really an answer to my prayers for Jimmy to move very soon.  I wish you both so much happiness that you'll burst!!! lol  Well...not really.  But you know what i mean. hee hee. :)  Sorry about the poison ivy....that can be miserable.  I had it once when I was younger, but I will never forget it....It was on my face and got into my eyes...which were swollen shut for days!!!  YUCK.  Hope you recover soon.  Thinking of you and thanks for sharing the good news! Love, Gretchen

crystalmoon222 said...

Thanks Gretchen for your nice comment and prayers!...Yes, we are really happy and excited. At least it is one step away from the prison, and closer to coming home.  I will be going shopping for him this week, as he'll tell me what personal items he'll need , e.g. shaving cream, etc.  Also, he'll be letting me know what clothes, shoes, etc. he wants me to send him....after all, he hasn't been wearing his own clothes for 1 year, 3 months!.........lOVE, Fran

lovegroveb said...

Well sounds good except for the poison ivy.
I was walking last night when a huge lightning bolt blinded me for a couple seconds.
I went home then---haha