Monday, June 7, 2004

Busy Day

It was a busy day for me today at home, but it was just "another" day at the prison.  The psychiatrist never showed up to evealuate the 40 prisoners, so they can be sent to the half-way house.  Tomorrow, Jimmy and the 40 inmates will go to visit the man in charge of this...The Captain.  I guess he'll have a few angry men on his hands!  The inmates are getting restless!  As for me, it was a busy day.  My senior citizen friend took me to the eye docotor.  The good news is that my eyes haven't gotten any worse...they are the same. However I still can't see the big E on the eye chart...if that's telling you anything!  Then, my friend came over and did a few odd-jobs around the house.  Then I had to call AAA TO jump start my other car (not the jag), the white Saturn, which has sat there just about all winter.  We keep that car for Prince, our dog!..Tomorrow I'll take Prince out for a ride around our neighborhood. Prince just loves riding in the car!...his ears flapping...he's all excited....I just love my little doggie!  If you all have a chance, please read the comments by "she she spice."  You'd better read them today, because I'll be blocking her tomorrow.  That's the only way to handle these type of people.  There are a lot of angry and unhappy people in this world, and she is one of them.  And I really don't care, only I feel sorry that these kind of angry people exist on our planet.  That is why we have wars, etc.....a tremendous amount of anger...and these people lash out at others.  She is upset about my journal, because something in her life makes her angry.  I just don't know.  I write this journal for the benefit of others... To show loved ones of inmates they are not alone.  I also do it as a therapy for myself.  And I enjoy sharing my interesting life with others.  Just tonite, Jimmy spoke on the phone with me , saying we have interesting lives.  And it's true.  I haven't even shared 1/4 of our interesting life with you!.....everybody likes a bit of sensationalism!....that is what books and movies are based on!  You have no idea if what I write is fact or fiction.  I may have made the whole journal up!  You'll never know!  but for the sake of my fellow inmate-loved ones, they know it's all true...they can identify with what I write.  And most can identify with SHE SHE SPICE.  That is why prison wives and loved ones live for the most part in hiding...they are scared...they are afraid of the angry people like SHE SHE SPICE..........but I'm not afraid.  Come on, you prison wives...or prison husbands.....leave a support me, as we support each other....let us be strong against the angry people in the world,  Truthfully, I have met many wonderful people through my journal.  They are very supportive, and have become my friends!....One last thought. I loved being in the work force for 28 years. I loved helping people. But every now and then you came upon a person like SHE SHE SPICE...........out to "get everybody...out to make everyone miserable, as they are miserable."  I am so glad that I retired at the age of 48....I now stay home and do frre-lance stuff....and I don't have to deal with those miserable people anymore............Now, all I have to do is "BLOCK THEIR NAME."............ha, ha........the joke's on you!...................

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dakotarose2852 said...

Fran, I'm glad you are able to keep busy.  I also want to tell you that I believe you.  I know you didn't make up your whole journal.  It is sad that some people can come to your journal and make such cruel remarks.  It's your journal, better to just say nothing and not come back if something about it bothers them.  Oh well, some people are just like that.  At least you can block them.  Take care.