Monday, June 14, 2004

Life goes on

Life goes on as usual at the prison!  Bolonga sandwiches for sunday dinner.  2 donuts and 2 pieces of toast for breakfast!  Very healthy I must say!....and in the evening, the inmates eat snack after snack, that they buy from the commissery..........the smell of popcorn permeates the air in the evening....burnt popcorn, that is!...Jimmy likes what the inmates call, 'crack soup."  That is, Ramon Noodle soup....I bought myself 10 today...they are cheap, so the inmates can afford them, and they are fullfilling.  I bought 10 / .99 today.  I never knew they use that slang term for I understand 'crackheads" like to eat them...well, live and learn!  Every Saturday afternoon, all the inmates change their bedsheets at the same time....very interesting.  Yesterday, Sunday, Jimmy helped to pass out supplies to the cleaning supplies.  No bleach is allowed for inmates.  Jimmy loves to do things and help out.  He is a model student!  Count is done many, many times a day, and can you imagine

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