Thursday, February 17, 2005



...............AND NOW, ALMOST 2 YEARS LATER, I KISS YOU ONLY IN MY MIND AND IMAGINATION..........IN MY DREAMS.......................


p00kie2323 said...

aww that is soo sweet

barbpinion said...

Thanks for sharing photo. Hope you're together soon; that time passes quickly.
hugs. *Barb*

ginskia said...

Hi Sweetie,

Thank you for stopping by my journals.  It is so sweet of you to give me support.  You two make a cute couple.  I didn't see your face, but your profile looks a lot like this friend of mine I use to hang out with many years ago.  She also had blond hair.

You just might kiss him next week since he starts work on Monday and he can then visit you next weekend.  Hubby use to work in a factory and he told me yesterday that QA jobs are interesting and they pay good.  Then when he gets out, he can go back to being an attorney.  Who knows he might prefer the QA job.

I still keep the two of you in my prayers.

I will now answer your email.


janetj718 said...

Fran, I have kept up with your journal for some time now - I've written once or twice.  You might remember.  Anyway, my husband will be home in 40 days (after 5 years).  We're both a little paniced at all the changes that are coming - but they are changes for the better so we will survive.  The Lord has worked absolute miracles in our lives and will not bring us this far and just drop us off - that thought alone keeps me going some days.  Anyway, I'm not sure how to say what I want to - I've been thinking about it for days, but the 'right' words don't seem to flow, but yet I feel a need to express it anyway - so here it goes in whatever shape it comes out........I read your journal entries and I can feel your love for and your devotion to Jimmy.  I have those wonderful feelings also, but you have something that I really want, but can't seem to truly find.  You have absolute respect for and pride in your husband.  I want to and try to feel those same feelings, but I guess I'm still holding on (even if only slightly) to the wrongs he did - there were so many and hurt so deeply.  I feel like I won't allow myself to feel all I should and show it as loud and proud as you do for fear that he's gonna mess up again.  That line of thinking is totally wrong and unfair to both of us, but I can't seem to shake it.  He deserves more.  I want to respect him, I want to see him as my shining knight, I want to truly feel and profess openly to others what a good man he is......can you help me find that within myself so that I can share it with him and others.....thanks for listening....Janet