Saturday, August 14, 2004


Hi Everyone!

  I'm feeling just great today, and I hope you are too! I got over my 24 hour bug, and am feeling better than ever!  I feel around 20 years younger...I feel as if all my energy fields are blocked chakras have started opening body cells feel lighter....can any of you out there in computer land, identify with that?  You see, being a 'Prison wife," i lived in a "bubble"....unless you've been there, it's hard to understand...unless you've been very, very depressed in your life, where the depression lasts for over a year, then you can begin to understand....your body starts setting up blocks within the energy fields, as mine did....I was suddenly set free when Jimmy went to Talbot was around July 1, 2004.....Suddenly I started emerging from the bubble....sudenly I could start smiling....Fro 16 months , I could not talk or listen to anyone....I would always tell them, "please stop talking and telling me your problems...I am very self-centered right now...I can not listen to you and your thoughts....I am in my own isolated world, with my own problems."  and when I looked at life that way, I knew I had a problem with myself, because, being a nurse, I was the one who always listened to others.

  And so now, I am now in the healing process...and I am so happy to be on the way to being is like a big burden has been lifted!...I am now in another world....a good the place I should be....all the negative energies are being removed....All along, I had told Jimmy to please take me to a psychiatrist when you come home....he always said...Fran, it's ok, i'll be home soon, and everything will be ok....And I was the one who started saying...."no, you're wrong....something has affected me about this whole experience..It'S  not you, it's me...I can't handle this experience in my mind...."         And then, he started to understand, and said, "ok, we'll go to a psychiatrist,baby."..........................But now, through the Grace of God, I don't think I need that psychiatrist....I am already beginning to be healed, and I feel the change....I am no longer that 'prison wife."

.........I have graduated, and I'm BEGINNING TO EMERGE ONTO THE NEXT LEVEL AT THIS TIME.....I AM NOT CRAZY NOW, AND I NEVER WAS!...I only went through a bad experience, as we all do at times in our life.....It only makes us stronger and better people!........lOVE TO YOU ALL! to go....Jimmy's going to call!!!!.....FRAN


sugar1337 said...

Ya bad experiences gave leave a bad taste in your mouth and your mind for that matter.  You should talk about your experiences though and don't let the stigmatize you into being someone you are not.  I am glad to here though that you are on your own personal road to recovery!  :)

laskalolo said...

I understand how you feel, I am a mother of three and single after three divorces not to count the one i walked out of ...
My babies dad was a drug dealer and very rich.... it all fell one day and all hell broke loose....
I had a love child out of it..I travelled all over including Dominican Republic.
I have learned lessons that nobody can learn in a lifetime.
To love and have it taken away is the hardest thing to imagine.