Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A new Update

OK, my friends, Fran is working on her recovery. Our insurance company just approved her stay until February 6, it can be extended if need be. I hope to God not, I want her home. The dog and cats are depressed,  I can not sleep without her.

Her recovery has its' up and downs, that all I can say. I will try to write a longer detail entry in the next few days. I owe a lot of you telephone calls, there is no excuse, it is I just do not have it in me.

God Bless               Jimmy


emabecmar said...

((((((((Jimmy)))))))))) Please give Fran a (((((((((((Hug))))))))))))) for me. I have you both in prayer. Fran is a strong woman and with you by her side willing her to get better she will. Just hold on a bit longer my friend and she will be home.

donxging said...

Just keep us updated, prayers go up for Fran.  You take care of yourself, you can't afford to get sick now.

carly0042 said...

You don't owe me a call but I am sure everyone understands where your mind and heart is right now. Just take care of yourself and your pets so that when Fran gets home everyone will be happy. God Bless. Take Care.

am4039 said...

thanks so much for the updates. My prayers to her and you.

bobandkate said...

It is understandable that you just want to be with Fran at present and not worry about phone calls. Just take care of yourself and Fran and let her know that we all are thinking of her and wishing you both well. I appreciate your updates,

adlessor said...

I don't think any one expects a call back.  just take care of our girl and yourself.  Thanks for the update.     Dawn
A Couple of Nomads

icewitch96 said...

Im glad she seems to be doing better! Send her my love!


tendernoggle said...

Praying for you both....