Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Fran is Home.

Thank You LORD................

Thank you all our friends for your prayers.

She is just home, with 5 day a week(X 2 times a day),  home therapy, plus 12 Prescription. She is happy, sleepinn with dog and cats wrapped around her.

She will make a entry later today, it is all she has been talking about.

LOVE you all          Jimmy



mtdewkd1995 said...

Welcome home Fran!!! Keep up the good work!!~Faye~

emabecmar said...

welcome home my friend. wishing you a fast and speedy recovery at home. ((((((hugs))))))))

carly0042 said...

Oh WOOOOOOOOOOW, this is great news! How wonderful. REALLLLLLLLY HAPPY Welcome home Fran!

adlessor said...

God is good.             Dawn       A Couple of Nomads

millieukgirl said...

This is such good news...really happy for you both.  Get well Fran..wishing you a speedy-getting-back -to -health.  Millie :)

bobandkate said...

Hi Fran,
I am so relieved that you are home with Jimmy again. He is a good man looking after you and caring for you so well. I am thinking of you.

mzgoochi said...

Yay!!! Welcome home Fran! God bless you both!!

Love, Lahoma

tendernoggle said...

Thank you so much for letting us know Jimmy and give her a hug for all of us!!! I know she is glad to be back in her own bed...

casandra3746 said...

To night was my first time ,reading Frans stories. They really touch me How is she ,I pray that things are good.    I feel that by me reading her story will help me. My husband has been in prison for 3years now. Its been very stressful and depressing. i try to be strong. its very hard at times. He has just got a year set off.He is at a pre-lease unit,in Mineral Wells Texas. Im taking care of my cousin 2children And my 12 year old daughter. I dont understand what going on W/ me. Ive been more depress these past few months.Well im going to go now .Would you let me know Fran how you are doing please.

                                                                          Casandra Henderson