Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Guest Entry

First, I must thank all of Fran's readers, for if it were not for you, my wife would not have lived through those 3 and a half years.

I am a very closed mouth person when it comes to the details of my life. I do not want it to be that way, it is just the way I  was brought up. While my wife is a very open person, who believes every wants to share in our happiness. I am much more jaded. But to put a few points to rest.

Yes, I was the lynch  pin to a marijuana transportation ring. I did it. Was arrested September 1, 2000. Bailed out a few days later, on a 1 million bond( it all in the Asbury Park Press records, if you want to look)

I married my wife, on April 29th, 2001. I was sentenced on March 28, 2003. So you can see, I  was on bail, not months, BUT years. I put that time to good use and put my ducks in order, so my wife would never have a financial concern. EVER.

I am 51 years old I have worked a real honest job since I was 13 years old. My wife has worked since she was 20. We both have graduate degrees, so we both made good living. Yes, I did make go money in the drug business, Yet that not is what gave me financial security, ( The State of New Jersey, took my home, plus a summer cottage, bank accounts and my new Lincoln).

For the 2 years I was in a half way house, I worked a full time job as a assistant store manager of a supermarket ( how D.O.C. ever allowed it, baffles even me). I know how to make money, I saved money very well, as I am cheap................except when it come to my wife. FOR, she went 3 and half years in a living HELL. You, all have read how our families Abandon her.As for  me, I will most likely burn in hell, but my Fran, is a good pure person, who never did wrong to anyone, she has spent her life helping others.

Look, I know she married me knowing that I was going to jail, that her life would be turned up side  down. But she still lived it. Jails and prisons are very real places, and most people there belong there, but there families suffer the most, that's the pity of it.

I apologize  for Fran's exuberance, she just happy for her man being home. I am sometime a little embarrassed that Fran's loves me so much,( she gave me more love in one hour , then I have received in my entire life.

I did many  bad things and had to be punished for it. But, she was punished for loving me. As are most love ones of prisoners

But, it wonder full thing to have someone love you so much. If, I had a women like that 30 years ago, I would never have broke a law, heck, I would have never done anything to put such happiness in jeopardized. And, I swear to God, because of Fran's love for me, I will never bend, break or fold the rule of law.

God Bless my wife

God Bless all of you.

May God Bless the Great Country. Were a man can have a second chance.

Thank you for your time,  Jimmy






icewitch96 said...

Jimmy and Fran

You didn't have to come and do this entry...but you did, and that takes a lot.  What I respect the most about not your money, or your ability to support your wife, both financially and that you came out and admitted to screwing up.  Unlike so many inmates that swear they did nothing wrong.

Fran...stop worrying about what others say about you and your don't have to defend a darn thing to anybody.  Im happy that you're happy, and that you and Jimmy are happy and secure.  Down let other's negativity get you down.  If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't even respond to those negative comments because you are just giving those people what they let them see that their words affect you...screw em! But that's just my opinion.

I am the daughter of an inmate, my Daddy was in and out of jail my whole life until he died when I was 16.  I know what you're going mom...knows what you're going through.  Some people just don't belive that inmates can turn their lives around.  THey are wrong...very wrong.

Much love to you both..


mandymeme4910 said...

Oh i'm so excited to finally put face's to a whole journey. You can only imagine how much  my face lit up to see you 2 finally. Big hugs to the both of you, i really commend you Jimmy for speaking up. It's awesome to hear from you. Fran you are darling and i am so very excited for the 2 of you. I can't wait to have my life back once again with my honey. You give me a sense of hope. Take care Fran and hold your head up high every time you think about the love the 2 of you have. High Five!!!!!

emabecmar said...

(((((((((Jimmy & Fran)))))))))))))) I finally got to see you both in the pics. Your both beautiful people. And the pets are so adorable. It takes a real person to admit what they did and turn himself in. Good for you Jimmy for being such a person as that and turning yourself in. You got a good woman there in Fran. She stood by you all the way through it, some women might not do such a thing as stand by their man, but Fran did. Why? Because not only does she love you, but she believes in you. Take care of each other, love each other, and you will be together forever.

carly0042 said...

I agree with Jenn. You have nothing to prove to anyone especially not anyone on the Internet. Look in the mirror do you like what you see? That is really all that matters no one here has lived your life, no one here knows your pain and your pleasure. This is YOUR journal that you enjoy sharing in. It is alright for people to disagree with something you write but what I don't understand is why must they be so mean spirited about it??? I guess this is why so many people go private with their journals. I do hope it does not come to that with yours Fran. Other then that, It was nice to meet your Jimmy and I send you both the best! God Bless.
The pictures are nice as well.

carly0042 said...

I just have to add, Jimmy you sure don't need to apologize for Fran being so happy and wanting to write about it or her love for you. In my opinion the world could use more people like this. If people don't like reading about it that is their problem. She deserves her time to shine. She has been through a lot.

piperacharmed1 said...

Just for the record...I have never cared what you did in your past. You certainly sound like the voice of reason in this journal.
What upsets me about this journal is your wife's need to put everyone else down. She has had nasty things to say about fat people, poor people, and various other labels she has put on others. If your lives were truly that perfect...she would not feel the need to belittle others.
I hope you two are very happy together...I wish you all the best.


dklars said...

Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself, Jimmy.  It was nice to hear your side of things.

bvaneps834 said...

Very glad to meet Jimmy!

lanurseprn said...

Hi Jimmy. I've been reading Fran's journal a few months now. It's nice to meet you and see pics of you guys after all of this time. It makes it more "real" when you can put a face to the name.  
You guys are very blessed in so many ways.  Don't feel as if you have to explain yourselves to anyone. It's your life!  Your's and Fran's. And it seems as if you guys have got it all together now.  God Bless you both.