Wednesday, May 12, 2004

prison blues

Well today was a hot, humid day....thunderstorms most of the day.  The prison is very air-conditioning.  It was built very long ago , as an army barracks.  Jimmy and most inmates have their own little fan they keep at the bedside.  Jimmy and I feel kind of  'fidgety," right now.  Jimmy keeps saying he wants to get out of that place .  I have not seen him in 9 months.  We will take this issue up Governor Mcgreevy, after he gets out of there.  The prisons make their own visiting rules....and it just should not be that way.  This is a disgrace, for such a wonderful country as we live in.  Some standardized rules shold be made, and also exceptions to the rules.  I am a 50 yr. old sick, handicapped, blind woman, and I should be able to visit with my husband at least once in 9 months.  We will not let the "system"  get away with this one.  Also, Jimmy went to the person in charge of the half-way house.  They "think"  Jimmy will go in a couple of weeks.  If not, Jimmy has me on "stand-by,"  with letters written to government officials to get him out of there.  Jimmy should have been gone a long time ago.  We will not put up with this "b---sh-- any more.............................Jimmy feels annoyed, and so do I.  I feel very frustrated.  Everyday is always the same for me.  It really never changes........I'm tired of walking the dog, feeding the cats, and cleaning the house.  Well, I'll just keep going on, I guess....Tomorrow, I'm going to a luncheon a psycic fair with my aunt.


adlessor said...

This is such a difficult time for you both.  I know it's hard not to be discouraged, but it's almost over.  Hang in there.   I can't believe he can't have visitors.  Terrible.                     Dawn

wfhbear said...

As the time gets shorter both of you will become more and more frustrated. I look forward to hearing that Jim and you are together again. Keep your spirits up for Jim's sake. It will all end soon. My Regards, Bill.