Tuesday, October 21, 2008


'AOL", Closing has been both a blessing and curse for me. As I have to get Jimmy to do all this work for me, but the great thing is that as I go through all my entries, I finf things that I have written, that deserve to be heard again, so Please go to the link I have at the bottom of this page, It means more to me today, then it did when I first wrote it



Bill said...

It helps all of us when we are able to reflect back on thoughts we have had. Your many daily writings during the "hard times" may give you some new insight on how to handle life today. My Regards, Bill

Jan said...

Yes I am pleased I was able to keep my previous entrys about things I had forgotten I had written about ..love Jan xx

ELLIE said...

I have not had a chance to go back and read old entries - sometimes for me - what is past is a good thing (in the past) lololol
I think with the journals closing - it is a break everyone needed - being so dependent on aol is not a smart thing - I do not think they will be around for too much longer!
thanks for checking out my art blog - my regular blog is here if you want to mark this one -

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